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Flexible & Scalable

We support food hubs selling to consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions with tools dedicated to making it easy to support your customers as you grow. Our white label mobile app (branded for your food hub) is a favorite of consumers and restaurant chefs that are on the go, while our custom price lists and VIN and UPC integration help you serve grocery stores with multiple departments and buyers.


Team of food hub and technology veterans

Our team, including our founders, have run food hubs and helped dozens of other food hubs startup. We believe that technology should be the easy part of running a food hub and understand the nuances of selling and distributing local food. Not only do we deliver unrivaled technology that works, but we back it up with the best people in the business.


Branded for you

LFM provides flexible technology that allows your organization’s brand and identity to shine through your website, mobile app, and communications. After all, you have the relationships with your producers, customers and regional partners.

We provide a comprehensive, fully integrated platform for food hubs to plan, sell, and distribute local food.

  • Website

    Customized website and content management system

    Provide a seamless, integrated experience for your customers with a single site for managing your website and ordering system that matches your unique brand and image. Take a look at our showcase to see the wide variety of designs that we support.

  • ecommerce

    Web & mobile e-commerce and ordering

    Your customers expect an easy ordering experience on their computer and their mobile device. For an optimal mobile ordering experience, LFM offers a white label mobile e-commerce app that fully integrates with our standard web ordering system. Plus you can send notifications to your app users on specials, order reminders, and more.

  • Distribution

    Distribution management

    LFM provides a producer interface so that your producers can update their product availability, see live orders, and their harvest list. Print all of your distribution and delivery reports in one place including route sheets, packing slips, and aggregation reports.

  • Salse

    Sales & customer service tools

    Use customer-facing tools to increase sales such as “Recently order items”, “Favorites”, and suggestions based on items in their cart. Sales people can also quickly place and update orders for customers with item and product searches, easily see and update product availability.

  • multichannel

    Multichannel sales support

    Every food hub is different and many sell to multiple kinds of customers to reduce risk and increase sales. LFM supports multiple customer interfaces, product lists, and price levels so you can efficiently serve all customers from a single database.

  • Reporting

    Robust reporting

    LFM provides dozens of sales, customer, and producer reports out of the box to help you manage your food hub and make well-informed decisions. Use supply demand reports to plan your sales with your customers and producers, use week to week comparison reports to catch problems early, and help your customers market their local food purchases with summary data.