White Label App to Match your Market

For both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

  • Lightning

    Fast, simple ordering on the go

    Restaurant chefs and consumers love the convenience of ordering from their mobile devices

  • Loyalty

    Build customer loyalty

    Connect and engage with your customers via mobile so they can connect and buy from you from wherever they are.

  • Details

    All the right details

    The product list is concise for fast ordering, but also allows customers to get all the same detailed information about their products that they would see online.

  • Messaging

    Push Messaging

    Use push messages to engage your most loyal customers. Remind customers to place their orders, let them know about special sales, and more!

  • Favorites


    Customers can build a list of their favorite products to make ordering even easier!

  • integration

    Fully integrated with web application

    Your customers can place orders from either the web application or mobile app (or both). Everything is completely integrated and seamless.



Everyone is busy these days, and local food customers are no exception. From the family food buyer to the professional chef, your customers will love the ease of ordering local food from their mobile device.



Consumers can add items to their order throughout the order period as they determine their meal plan or realize that they can’t live without some local strawberries. They can order on the go – while waiting for an appointment, in between meetings, or whenever they have a few minutes. Chefs and institutional food buyers can add items to their order as they survey their coolers and inventory.


Increased Sales

Of course, increased convenience and flexibility for your customers will translate into increased sales for your market!


We’ll help you get your app launched successfully! As always, we offer unparalleled customer support to your market.

  • We set up your app, from branding with your logo to launching it on the app stores.
  • We provide training & tools on how to roll out and sustain customer engagement with the mobile app.
  • We provide ongoing development and support for your mobile app and web application.


Contact us. We’d be glad to schedule a demonstration of the mobile app and web-based e-commerce application.