We believe…

In local food systems run by local organizations.

  • That there isn’t a “one size fits” approach to local food.
  • That each region requires its own unique solution that reflects the region including its topography, soil, climate, people.
  • In empowering local food distributors, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, buying clubs, local food producers, chefs, food buyers, and consumers to create local food systems that work and providing the flexibility to adjust as the local food landscape changes.
  • That its possible for local food to compete effectively in our global food system, provided the real costs of all food are accounted for, and local food systems embrace the right mix of scale, technology, and process improvements.

Relationships are at the core of our success.

  • We believe in creating deep, lasting relationships with our customers and industry partners.
  • We believe in creating opportunities to invite our customers and partners to participate in the local food community.
  • We believe in delivering top notch, friendly customer service, rooted in a deep understanding of local food, food hub operations, and best business practices.

In providing flexible, proven technology that creates opportunities and solves problems for our customers.

  • We believe that we must encourage and enable best business and industry practices through our technology and services, while maintaining flexibility for regional and organizational differences.
  • We believe in creating technology that connects us more closely and creates greater opportunity for human interaction.
  • We believe in providing technology that allows the unique identity of our customer to shine.

That we can only accomplish our mission with happy, healthy employees.

  • We believe in providing our employees competitive, living wages, access to health care, public transportation, and opportunities for growth.
  • We believe in providing our employees the opportunity to lead a balanced personal and professional life.
  • We actively support our employee’s personal lives by providing flexible work hours and welcoming families, friends, and children into our office and social gatherings.