Announcing LFM’s Inventory module – for farms and food hubs!

We are excited to announce a brand new warehouse inventory management system that works seamlessly with our JIT (Just in Time, harvested to order) inventory management system, and is specifically designed for the needs of farms and food hubs. Here are some of the benefits of LFM’s warehouse inventory system:

  • Flexible – We know that efficiency is important and LFM makes it easy to fulfill orders from both harvested to order and warehouse/cooler inventory.
  • Designed for unique needs of farms and food hubs – Most inventory systems are designed for large warehouses, not smaller operations with staff that performs many tasks from taking orders to loading trucks.  Easily pack your orders and allocate your inventory from a single interface.
  • Integrated – Producers can see PO’s you’ve issued to them for inventory as well as customer orders they need to fill.  They can even see how much remaining inventory you have of their products.

Below are some screenshots of our inventory system.  Join us for a webinar on November 15 (for food hubs) or a webinar on November 29 (producers and farms) or contact us to schedule a web meeting!

Easily manage all Purchase Orders and their status from one place

Easily manage all Purchase Orders and their status from one place

See what you have inventory, what is available (not allocated to orders) and what is coming in at a glance

inventory - blog


Quickly fill orders from warehouse inventory or from a pick list (harvested to order)

pack orders - blog


Flexible Order Packing Reports with multiple filter and sort options make it easy to pack the way it works best for you

orders by product

Interested?  Join us for an upcoming webinar or contact us to schedule a web meeting!

Nov 15:  For food hubs, co-ops & aggregators

Nov 29:  For farms and producers

Local Food Marketplace releases QuickBooks Online API Integration Module

 With our most recent release, Version 3.1, we now offer a new module that integrates  your sales in LFM with QuickBooks Online. With just a few simple setup steps, you can eliminate double entry of sales data by exporting batches of sales records.

  •          Map your LFM database with your Quickbooks Online Chart of Accounts so sales get automatically recorded in the appropriate account for accurate financial reporting       

Screenshot 2015-05-05 14.03.31

  •   Easily drill down on each batch of transactions to see the line item detail of each transaction that is included 

Screenshot 2015-05-05 14.06.17

  • Easily see which orders have already been recorded in Quickbooks Online

Screenshot 2015-05-05 14.08.19


Current LFM customers can join us for a short informational webinar on Wednesday, May 6.  If you aren’t an LFM customer and wish to learn more, please contact us.