Welcome to Local Food Marketplace

We believe that eating locally is fundamental in building a more sustainable world. Our aim with Local Food Marketplace is to increase the amount of food purchased and eaten locally by providing technology and services for food hubs to sell and distribute local food to consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions.   We believe that empowering local businesses, cooperatives, and non-profits with the right technology will help make strong and diverse local food systems where food hubs, producers, buyers, and eaters all benefit.  Read more about our core values here.

Company History

Local Food Marketplace, was launched in 2009 by local food advocates and technology entrepreneurs, Doug Frazier and Amy McCann. The technology was originally written by Doug for Eugene Local Foods, a food hub that Amy and Doug ran for 5 years before transitioning ownership to Willamette Farm and Food Coalition in 2013.  Eight years after launching, Local Food Marketplace now supports 120+ food hubs, online markets, co-ops, and buying clubs across more than thirty-five states. Below is a little bit more about our founders and the rest of the team.